Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012


Vast ocean stretches with a depth that is not able to explore in , millions of living beings with diverse in its appearance and shape . But strangely salty sea water is not a creature in her natural right taste salty , but many days struggling with the salty ocean . It is amazing as well as an important lesson for those who use their intellect . there is quite a popular phrase that says if you survived a winding road that is not fair , but it would be awesome if you could pass that thorny road or mud in safely . This was very clever means keeping yourself if you want to survive despite being in an environment that is not conducive as the fish stay fresh despite living in the salty water , salty water not the slightest effect on him.
                Unlike the dead fish in the ocean , it was the same with sea water , salty . This shows that only the fish that are still alive so it was able to survive the salty water is not able to turn it into salt . Remarkable analogy , in whatever environment you are very clever lah keep yourself , lest affected by swift currents that are around you, if your little terpelset it is like a dead fish , salted and not useful . Ideal person who can survive in the lethal poison jug , we have not yet entered into the jug , the intention is only those who have the strong stance remains firm in his stance on either side despite all odds . It sturdy like a rock in the ocean , in hempas strong waves , like a tremendous lunge in but still standing strong .
                Do not be influenced by other people , but other people as much as possible pengaruhilah . Make friends with the wrong people is not absolute error but do not follow a mistake , act on that this is one that he is no longer done in error , well this was an extraordinary person . Living in the wrong neighborhood , but he was not in error .
                Best of man is for the benefit of other manusai , do not ever regret it if you are currently in a loop error , try to think positive , unite our ranks , strong standpoint , slowly change the state was wrong to be a necessity . Remember darkness can only be destroyed with a speck of light , evil will be destroyed by the glimmer of the truth . Do not be like a tree that was not opinionated . Where the wind blows it will follow the direction of the wind , talkative . But such was the rigid reef in the ocean , in hempas obak , in amok storm surge and lunge but he remains sturdy stand upright as though nothing had happened , calmly staring at the ocean . Hard as it destabilize water defenses he remained standing eroded 

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